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there. go look it the web site on nasa. you can see every landing site. if anybody does not believe we ever went to the moon, does go look at that. [laughter] >> charlie, it's funny. i met you in texas. i did not know this but you were the guy who had some very famous words as apollo 11 was going through its trials and tribulations. talk about that. you are part of history for that. >> i was very fortunate to have been involved in five of the nine missions we sent to the moon. i started with apollo 10. it was not designed to land. i helped develop the procedures to activate the lunar module. i was in mission control when i started talking to them when they started the descent. that was a dress rehearsal for apollo 11. the first time we going to attempt the landing on the moon. neil armstrong asked me to do the same job for them on apollo 11. two months, we had to get ready. we modified the procedure somewhat. then we were ready to go. so i was in mission control of the dissent. as we started down, things started coming unglued we have computer problems. we had a trajectory problem take
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)